Børn: Run a 1/4 marathon in 3 days

Exciting and varied routes: The children run 1/4 marathon over three days on manageable and safe routes.


Age groups children

Fødselsåret er afgørende for, hvilken aldersklasse, man starter i.


Drenge/piger       Up to 11
Drenge/piger   12    til 14




Nummer 1-2 og 3 i ungdomsklassen vinder et gavekort til New Balance (1.500-1.000-500 kr.)

Derudover er der hver dag masser af lodtrækningspræmier.

Alle, der gennemfører en hel etape får medalje, diplom og resultatavis.



Adults - read this

Younger children (under 8 years) may well be accompanied on the route (but they may well itself).

Escorts shall not stand up in the starting stall, but can support 50 meters out on the route.

Similarly, the attendant did not run into the net with his child, but must leave the route before run-up to the goal. Here is a gate guard that tells you when to drop your child.

The attendant should not pace the child and not run in the way of other children.

Etape Bornholm has a 'last run' with on the route, which ensures that accompany the child who is at the back of the box.

In goal area there is only one output. Here you can receive your child. We have adults in taping without jumping that can help children on to the sluice output.

Can your just do not run alone in taping without jumping, so you can easily wait, running with the Etape Bornholm next year. We run every year in week 30th

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