Competition for club teams

Find five teammates and compete against other teams.

The rules are simple: Six runners. It can be colleagues, club mates, neighbors - yes, you choose. You need to be 6 runners on the team ..

The four best overall times apply (all four must complete the marathon).



-          Running shoes from NewBalance

-          Weekend stay at Griffen spa hotel in Rønne with access to Spa bath (period October 1 to June 30),

-          GPS watches from Garmin,

-          etc.

So for example, 6 pair of running shoes from New Balance for a team.

The winner of the team competition will receive a prize (running shoes from NewBalance). The rest are drawing prizes among all other teams.


How to enter.

Send an email to and state which 6 registered people the team should consist of, then we will gather you as a team.



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